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Welcome to Agents Mutual Insurance Company!


   1) Our office is located at 7000 Jefferson Parkway, Suite D, in White Hall, Arkansas.  This is         our physical address as well as our mailing address.

   2) We want to take this opportunity to thank our producers and policy holders for your
       continued support, work and dedication.

   3) Due to rising costs, we implemented a modest rate increase effective April 1, 2019.
Agents Mutual Insurance Company (AMIC)
is a domestic Arkansas insurance company. Our policyholders (members) are the backbone of AMIC.

We have specialized in three lines of insurance products since 1970.

  1. Homeowner
  2. Dwelling Fire
  3. Mobile Home

Our commitment is to provide quality insurance at an affordable price to the consumer. We offer prompt friendly service from a great staff that cares about the company, our policyholders, and the producers.
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Phone Numbers
800.272.2248 (Toll Free)
Fax Number/Email
Physical Address
7000 Jefferson Parkway, Suite D
White Hall, AR 71602
Mailing Address
7000 Jefferson Parkway, Suite D
White Hall, AR 71602
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